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I didn't have much time to research this at work, but while I was looking up a manual reference for the plane I was working(which happens to have been a 757), I decided to read a little about revisions. I also printed out the first page of the Airfone system "Description and Operation" in our B757 AMM for comparison, as well the "Revision Highlights" page.

Firstly, our electronic manuals are kept current by the software 3 times a year, the 28th of January, 28th of May and the 28th of September being the 3 days. That tells me that AA uses the same service for these updates. Secondly, as I browsed the manual, I could not note the revision date for any part of the manual I was browsing(something I never took notice of before). And I should stress that the AMM, depending on what section you're in isn't really in a book-page format. It's broken down by chapter-section-subsection-task-subtask ... In any given chapter-section-subsection-task(ie 23-19-00-501 Description and Operation) the manual reads as a single continuous page, it's not like Acrobat Reader in that sense. Only when you print the manual do the page numbers and the revision date show up.

B757 AMM Sample page

Revision Highlights Page

The release 87.01 is the current revision level of the manual, and it reflects a temporary revision which was made on the 4th of this month.

This basically tells me that the manual page in the OP cannot possibly be genuine as it shows 2 conflicting revision dates on the same page!
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