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It took several days and many, many phone calls to reach Mr. Hotard. Here are the e-mails he sent me:

(June 27, 2007

Ron, I am doublechecking with my maintenance folks so I give you accurate data.

(June 29, 2007

Ron, engineers at our primary Maintenance & Engineering base in Tulsa tell me that they cannot find any record that the 757 aircraft flown into the Pentagon on 9/11 had had its seatback phones deactivated by that date. An Engineering Change Order to deactivate the seatback phone system on the 757 fleet had been issued by that time.

(June 29, 2007, in response to the photos Apathoid posted of 757 cabins in 2002 and 2003

Ron, be a little careful here. While you may see photos of the seatback phones, they may or may not have been disabled. We did two things: issued the engineering change orders to disconnect/disable the phones, but then did not physically remove the phones until the aircraft went through its next “heavy C” check, which is when you take it in for a complete overhaul, such as removing the seats, sidewalls, floorboards,etc and inspect the wiring, and then refurbish the seats with new seatcovers, etc.

(June 29, 2007, in response to my request that we nail down the myth of cell phones not working in flight

Cell phones may or may not work on aircraft, just as they may or may not work on the ground. It depends whether or not the caller is in range of a tower or satellite. I believe the seatback phones worked by having the signal picked up by land based towers as the aircraft moved across the country.

We do not allow use of cell phones in flight because they can potentially interfere with the cockpit’s navigational and other avionics equipment and thus become a safety issue.

It is our contention that the seatback phones on Flight 77 were working because there is no entry in that aircraft’s records to indicate when the phones were disconnected.

(Who is John Hotard?)

I am a manager in the Corporate Communications department of American, meaning I deal with media.

Of course, nothing will satisfy the conspiracy liars, as they have no interest in finding out the facts. For the rest of us, I believe my communications with Mr. Hotard confirmed what we already knew.
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