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"All 47 core columns had to be severed, had to be dissociated, in order for the antenna to move downward."

Even if the antenna had moved first – which NIST says is not the case – I doubt that his statement would be true. I think the failure of some combination of columns 704-706 and 803-805 could do it.

Ross then states that the Aman Zafar photo shows 60 stories of the ST core standing, with its columns severed horizontally. He says this is the most important photo taken on 9/11. I'm not aware of any analysis that proves the dark pattern to be structural, lasting that long after the rest of the collapse. Subsequent Zafar photos may show that this is a formation of dark dust and smoke. It's in the right place to be part of the core, but to call this completely indistinct photo conclusive and important is a mistake, IMO.

Around five minutes in, he goes into a whale of a tale. Twice he claims that the core columns that collapsed first – and left the inner cores standing briefly – were the only ones accessible from the elevator shafts (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

"These columns which were remote from the elevator shafts, which were not accessible from the elevator shafts, survived the early stages of the collapse."

100% B.S. Most of the interior columns were accessible from the elevator shafts up to the 78th floors. In fact, the outer core columns on the long walls of many floors were some of the least accessible from the elevator shaftways, because they were hidden behind the shaft walls and between duct work, or because they were in open office areas due to the discontinuity of local elevator shafts. Below is a graphic that shows core columns that were inspected in one 1990 inspection by Port Authority engineers who rode on top of elevator cars in 13 randomly-selected shafts in the north tower. The red numbers next to the columns show on what floors they were inspected. (The blue Xs denote floor-to-column connection inspections within the core). Again, this wasn't an attempt to inspect all the columns.

On the main impact floors in both towers, many of the outer core columns were only accessible from open office areas and not from the shafts, because the elevator shafts occupy far less space on the upper floors than on the lower. Such columns were inspected from the office areas by cutting away the layers of gypsum wallboard that covered them.

Another truther tale spun from whole cloth. And I've only watched five and a half minutes of the video.

Edit: I see BeAChooser has covered the antenna part. Well said. Edit 2: added graphic below

Core Column Accessiblilty from Elevator Shafts at main impact floors: essentially the opposite of what Ross claims.
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