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Originally Posted by Alferd_Packer View Post
So what hapened to the planes full of people, then?

What did the witnesses on the ground actually see?

What did the witnesses on the ground actually hear?

Give us your theory on what happened, we really do want to know.


that is a very stupid statement.
You haven't seen the info in the link then?

There is no evidence that AA175 is the plane on the video colliding with WTC2.

We do not know what happened to the people in AA175. They disappeared somewhere and are missing? Then ask FBI about them! FBI looks for for missing people.

What did people on the ground see? Nobody saw AA175. They saw something else. But didn't have a possibility knowing it was AA175.

What did people on the ground actually hear? Probably an explosion ... but not a plane approaching before that. Did the 9/11 Commission analyse the sound recordings? Apparently not.

What really happened? I have not got a clue. I am just a structural engineer in ship building happily far away from USA. If I hint at foul play about the WTC2 collapse that ensued I am accused of being amoral by some allegedly moral people. But it seems foul play was also involved prior to the collapse ... to fool all these moral people.
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