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Originally Posted by twinstead View Post
All witnesses were deceived? Do you have any idea of the implications of that statement?

So you and a few intrepid armchair investigooglers have figured it all out, and have come to the brilliant conclusion that "then FBI, FEMA, NIST, Purdue, etc. try to prove that the illusion was true"? All I have is YOUR word for it, since I'm no expert I rely on experts, and every expert I have ever talked to basically thinks you're full of crap, and for some reason you expect me (or any rational person) to buy this stuff.

Do you have any idea how crazy that sounds? Thousands of eye witnesses, probably THE most witnessed major event in world history, were fooled. Structural engineers world-wide fooled, first responders were fooled. Or IN on it, huh? LOL

And then you have the NERVE, after trying to shove this ludicrous theory down our throats you WE'RE the crazy ones, to tell us that we just have no understanding that witnesses can be deceived?

Okay. This is a joke, right.
No. Deception is the most important part of illusion as any magician will say. Of course there was a big, strange bang up at 82nd floor witnessed by a few on the ground but the 'plane'? The plane has been recorded on many videos that all look a little different and strange. Part of the deception. The explosive material was easiest planted in the tower previously.

In other fora I have suggested the same thing for Pentagon. The explosive material was planted in the wall and E-block of the Pentagon!

As you can see on various videos the WTC2 and Pentagon fireballs/fires are completely different. In Pentagon there is no jetfuel on fire! Just a strange, pyramide fireball of short duration. Difficult to hide jetfuel in a wall and in a Pentagon office? In WTC2 the fuel was probably hidden in an empty office.

As nobody has ever seen planes flying into buildings at 500 mph and knows what it looks like, a witness of such an event is easy to decieve. They may hear noise and notice a big explosion ... and draw their erroneous conclusions.

'Experts' appear to say that the plane always penetrate - disappear - into the building and that there is no wreckage. It also disappears. Magic and paranormal. The main subject of JREF. To be discussed in a friendly way, by the way, for those, not you twinstead, that has forgottet that.

This strange lack of identified wreckage parts is very disturbing. Of course, many believe that identified wreckage parts were actually found but I haven't seen a list of those. Some photos of course but they could as well be part of the deception. It seems national security is in the way for a proper investigation.

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