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For Cuddles (and anyone else interested)

The problem is, Cuddles, is that I just get tired of answering the same questions over and over again here. Take the ‘vampire’ issue, for example, I have stated time and time again here that I DO NOT accept the existence of ‘blood-sucking vampires’. Some people here are either incapable of listening (with respect to yourself) or who simply seem to WANT me to state I believe in vampires (note: with no respect to the Overseer).

Why bring the subject up, you may ask?

The whole point is I didn’t. It was other people here who did; namely the Vampire when she dedicated a thread to the Highgate Vampire elsewhere here. This thread about myself (but NOT started by myself) is really an off-shoot from that, and the whole silly ‘vampire thing’ sometimes spills over into it.

I do NOT believe vampires. I cannot say it more clearly than that.

That does not mean I do not accept that various psychic entities might or can exist. There was almost certainly some ‘earth bound’ phenomenon that was seen in and around Highgate Cemetery. Recent reports suggest that it has become active again. This one was sent to my former secretary late last year. I will publish the account here as you might like to see what an independent person says about that case for a change.

The person’s name is Martin Trent, a married man who lives in the Holly Lodge estate which virtually backs onto Highgate Cemetery and happened in the summer of 2005.

I have since been in touch with him and, yes, I have his full permission to publish his experience and to use his real name. He says . . .

I have lived on the Holly Lodge Estate, adjacent to Swains Lane and
Highgate for the last 11 years.

In all that time of walking up and down the lane at various times of the
day and dead of night, in all conditions and through every season, I've never
felt or seen anything amiss, as it were.

Sure, sometimes on a particularly misty late night in November, it can be a
little spooky, wending my way down from the village. past the cemetery
gates. But, I've never sensed anything even remotely approaching a
ghost/apparition sighting, until...

During the summer of 2005, I had been out with friends, in the village for
a drink. It wasn't a particularly heavy session, so I can't blame what I'm
about to retell on the booze.

It was late summer and warm. The time was probably after midnight, though
I'm not certain.

As I walked down Swains Lane, with Waterlow Park to my Left and Highgate
Cemetery West, to my right, I thought I saw a figure standing near the
Gates of Highgate Cemetery East, just past the park entrance. It was a clear
night, although I can't remember whether there was a moon, full or
otherwise, visible.

As I got nearer, I began to think this figure looked a bit "odd". He
appeared quite tall and dressed in dark, drab, non-descript clothing. What
seemed odd was the fact he seemed to be wearing a long overcoat and a

I know this sounds like your archetypal sinister figure - but that's what I
saw. This was late August and it had been a hot month to say the least. so
the way he was dressed did seem out of place, more so than the fact he was
standing outside the cemetery at midnight.

To qualify this: There are often groups of disaffected teenagers and Goths
hanging around the cemetery gates, all hours of the day and night. So the
fact someone was there on this occasion was no surprise.

The really strange part, though, was still to happen...

As I drew level with him and was about to walk pass, I could swear I heard
him say to me "Good evening, sir." In what sounded at first like a strange
accent, but which I later thought, just sounded "old fashioned". The other
peculiarity about his greeting was It didn't seem to come from his
direction as such, but rather seemed to be whispered right next to my ear. Which,
given the ordinariness of the words, still gave me a jolt.

I continued past him for about a further 50 yards down the lane and just as
I was about to turn right into my road - Oakeshott Avenue, something made
me turn round.

Looking up the rise from where I was standing, he was now on the other side
of the road, nearer to Highgate Cemetery West. From my position, I couldn't
see his feet, but the next moment he seemed to glide straight back across
the road at right angles to me a go clean through the cemetery gates on the
opposite side of the lane (East Cemetery) and disappear.

That's it.

I went home and immediately told my wife. She seemed more excited by it
than me at the time. But the whole incident had a delayed effect on me. It was
only a few days later when I was mulling it over in my mind, that it all
seemed to come into focus and I realised what an extraordinary "encounter",
I'd had.

The bit that kept gnawing away at me and left me feeling decidedly
uncomfortable, was the whispered greeting that seemed to come from right
next to me, rather than from the direction where "he" was standing. That
definitely put the frightners up me.

The more I play it back over in my mind, the more I wonder what I actually
saw and experienced and what I may have recalled wrongly. I can't remember
seeing a face at any time. I'm not even sure if the voice was male or
female, now. It seemed to be oddly neutral as far as I can remember.

Anyway, that's it. If I can help you with any further details etc. Please do
not hesitate to drop me a line.


Martin Trent

PS Strangely enough, I feel more unsettled recalling the events now, even
with distance and perspective, than I did at the time they actually
occurred, and I can't deny I don't have quite the same assuredness walking
home down Swains Lane at night, any more.

That is his account. Make of it what you will.

The only point I am really trying to make (especially for the benefit of those with no more ‘over-sight’ into the Highgate case than the fabricated propaganda they have gleaned from the message boards of a person who is clearly ‘bonkers’), is that the entity witnessed at Highgate is not just reliant on my experience all those years ago; it has been witnessed by many other people.

David Farrant
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