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1. I thought you had left?

3. The jet fuel was under pressure until the moment of impact. It then was whipped out and about at 500 mph. And now you are telling us based on the comments of a military artillery officer, that the explosion we saw at the Pentagon COULD NOT have come from a jet airliner full of fuel crashing there.

Yes indeed, another brilliant researcher.

1. I am still around in the cyber space.

3. No, the combustible jet fuel was not under any pressure inside the tanks. It was just resting there, like inside any other fuel container. The walls of this container was made of aluminium of various thickness depending on location. Some walls had other purposes, e.g. being wings to fly on.

The interesting thing is that this or these containers then allegedly penetrated a solid, reinforced concrete wall (OK, it is full of windows some of which the panes are not broken) at high speed - 500 mph - and spills out the fuel just inside at speed 0. And then it ignites. No fuel spills out on the outside lawn through the big hole in the wall made by the containers. Only papers blown out through the windows are seen on the lawn (and some parts of a parked helicopter that blow up on the outside). I would of course have expected that some jet fuel would also would have blown out on the lawn and burnt there but ... paranormally ... all fuel remained inside.

When jet fuel burns in open air it produces black smoke full of greasy soot and this soot attaches to walls and what remains. The inside of pentagon should therefore be full of soot. But all fire fighters messing around in the debris remain pretty clean. Photos show destroyed but CLEAN rooms. No greasy soot. My interpretation of the photo evidence is that most damages were caused by an explosive device that detonated inside the building at locally very high temperature (no greasy soot) and that remaining damages were caused by the hot shock wave expanding through corridors and normal fires of furniture and interior wooden walls, doors, etc. No jet fuel.

Thanks for calling me a brilliant researcher. FBI really needs some outside help. Some fire fighters reported they found passengers strapped into seats in pentagon and told this to the media ... but when FBI arrived they didn't find them or the seats. This is paranormal. Probably an inside job. No plane full of jet fuel hitting pentagon from outside.
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