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Originally Posted by T.A.M. View Post
bump for further discussion...

is the document in post #432 PROOF that the carrying out of the order to deactivate the airfones on AA 757's did not occur prior to 9/11? Apathoid, Beachnut, or others care to weigh in??

It proves that first sentence did not appear until 4/2007. Let me point something out here. Just becasue the MM says the system was deactivated and the date on the bottom is 1/28/2001 does not mean the system was inop on 9-11. That's what the TR proves this. Likewise just becasue a MM makes no mention of a system being deacitvated does not mean it's still operational. An example is 23-19-00 on AA's 737 fleet. There is no mention of the system being deactivated, last I looked. Using PfT logic I guess that means the system is still operational. However the airphone system on the 737 fleet was deactivated as well.

Now I guess it's up to PfT to prove me wrong with hard evidence of their own. One way would be for their "source" to give them a list on when all the ECO's I have mentioned being accomplished on the 757 fleet PRIOR to 9-11. However I don't think you will see that. For the simple reason it did not happen until AFTER 9-11.
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