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Originally Posted by apathoid View Post
Thanks for posting this, AMTMAN. But all this really tells me is that the phones were deactivated by April 19th of this year and ECOs are in work to remove the equipment. Well at least your manuals tell you something about the removal/deactivation; our manuals don't say squat about it.

In any case, I wonder if it would be too much to ask for a scan of the deactivation ECO(I forgot the number) with the original issue date and latest rev date? Also, is there a way for you to check the accomplishment of the ECOs by tail number? We have a handy system where we just punch in the EO number, ME number(maintenance event) and select the tail number(or the whole fleet) from a pull down list. It shows when each ME was accomplished as well as the EO completion date for each ship number. I realize 644 probably wouldn't appear anyways, but perhaps you could look for anything in the 640's and see when they were deactivated.

Thanks for looking into this.
The TR does not mean they were deactivated by April of this year. They have been deactivated for a number of years now. ECO F1463 and F1532 have just been started. They remove the equipment racks and associated wiring.

AA has the same sort of system for looking up when all ECO's have been accomplished. That is the actual proof. That is what PfT should have been posting and not the first page from 23-19-00. Now I guess the question everyone should be asking PfT is why they have not done so. Is it because they were unaware of this or is it because they knew about it but ignored the facts? If they were unaware it makes me wonder what's up with their "source". He's either not telling PfT everything or he's just not very good at looking up information. If they were aware and choose to ignore the information well that means they were being intentionally deceitful.

The very fact that the only thing PfT has shown so far is 23-19-00 should tell you something. If you look near the bottom of the comments section for this entry at SLC you will notice RB admitting to the existence of ECO F0871. Notice he does not talk about when it was accomplished.

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