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Originally Posted by Corsair 115 View Post
How? When? By how many? Were they planted by hand, or were vehicles use to transport them? What kind of explosives? Where did they come from? Why didn't anyone notice this activity before the day?

If you can't offer some answers to the above and evidence to support them, then your theory has as much worthiness as one promoting the idea that somewhere in the asteroid belt there is a piece of chocolate cake floating around.
Thanks for your intelligent contributions to the discussion. As you know by now I find it intriguing to speculate about how 9/11 was actually done and my present stand is CD - at WTC 1,2,7 and pentagon and no planes. Same at Shanksville but no CD ... and no plane, of course. Keep it simple.

You ask details about pentagon. May I ask you why?

Anyway, it would not have been too difficult to install high power explosive devices in the pentagon wall during reconstruction taking place a little earlier before 9/11 and blow it up according some plan. I have no idea about the details. But the effects would be clear.

Unfortunate people close by would be killed by this detonation and an autopisy would have shown that it was not by, e.g. a plane crash. Was anybody killed by a plane part? Same if a proper forensic examination of the impact site had been done. The lack of plane wreckage parts anywhere makes me flabbergasted. But the public swallowed the early explanations. Everything burnt and went up in smoke. Then, parts and corpses were found inside ... but FBI could not verify anything. Etc., etc. And this does not take place in an outer space chocolate cake but just outside FBI HQ (some miles away) on the other side of the river.
But nobody at FBI HQ reacted. Sleeping at the switches, again and again?

And the gangsters are still around. That worries me.
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