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Originally Posted by Earthborn View Post
Thumans have more than 20 000 properties so the genes cannot be an intricate description of a human.
O.k. this is finally causing me to de-lurk.

I call BS. Reason being, that the only rigid scientific framework applicable - Information Theory - has this covered long since. It is called "Kolmogorov Complexity" and basically establishes a measure of how "compressible" any given data set is.

Apart from how vague and unscientific the "more than 20 000 properties" claim is, one would at least need to establish that these claimed "more than 20 000 properties" are indeed "more than 20 000" independent degrees of freedom, because otherwise it looks just like the apparent "Complexity" of the decimal expansion of "PI", which, in fact, is the result of a rather simple algorithm.

And: NO! The Kolmogorov Complexity of any given data set cannot be calculated by anything less than brute force. Thus, I wonder how the claimant (Earthborn) got to the conclusion that these supposed "more than 20 000 properties" are all independent from each other.

Calculating the compressability(sp?) of data of this order of magnitude brute force style is way beyond what the combined computing resources of this particular planet can achieve today. Thus, it can be argued that the claimant (Earthborn) must have been sent in from the future, where such computing may be possible.
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