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Here are the most recent things I can recall about Sander Hicks:

He shouldn't drink so much of his own coffee.

He agreed to be in Loose Change Final Cut.

He claims that no U.S. fighters were scrambled on 9/11 until after the Pentagon was hit.

He insists that Senator Paul Wellstone was murdered.

Along with the likes of Jim Fetzer and Jim Marrs, he spoke at a conference organized by a Holocaust denier, then threatened to sue a photographer who posted a picture of him shaking hands with that Holocaust denier.

He's a big admirer of Webster Tarpley and hosted a talk by Tarpley at his coffee shop.

Astonishingly, he did not fare well as the Green Party candidate in some election.

He claims that Senator John Kerry publicly stated that building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition.

Oh, he's all over the truth, that Sander Hicks!

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