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The real 9/11 Conspiracy:

The information presented below was passed on to me by Professor Astaneh for which I thank him. Professor Astaneh was in fact invited to be on the original ASCE/FEMA study of the WTC attacks of 9/11 so he obviously knows his stuff! However, he withdrew when he saw the obvious conflict of interest embodied in some of the other memebers of the team:

Consider the names of two of the people who were on the ASCE/FEMA Building Performance Assessment Team (BPAT) that produced the famous "Building Performance" Report.

Jon Magnusson and Saw -Teen See. Who are these people?

1. Jon Magnusson: He is listed in the ASCE/FEMA report as Partner in
Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire Inc. He is actually one of the main
owners and managers of the firm Skilling, Barkshire Ward Magnusson,
which was called Skilling Helle Christiansen Robertson , and was the
firm that did the structural engineering and design of the WTC towers.

Having Jon Magnusson from Skilling on the team that is investigating the structure designed by his firm and has collapsed killing thousands of people is beyond belief.... You cannot be on the team paid by taxpayers to investigate why the buildings that you designed (or your firm had designed) collapsed.

2. Saw-Teen See: She is listed in the ASCE/FEMA report as the Managing Partner, Leslie E. Robertson and Associates, LLP. Of course Leslie E. Robertson was the structural engineer of record for the design of the towers. However, Saw-Teen See is not only the manager of Leslie E. Robertson and Associates , but she is also the wife of Leslie E. Robertson! So, the wife of the structural engineer who designed the WTC towers, who is also the head of the firm Leslie E. Robertson was on the team to investigate the design and performance of the WTC towers and why they failed!

No wonder when you read the ASCE/FEMA -403 Report, there is only praise
for the structural design of the WTC Towers.

As for the NIST report, the situation is no better. When NIST got the
funding to do the multi-million dollar WTC studies, the first contract for structural modeling and analysis was given to none other than Leslie E. Robertson's firm! So it's no wonder that the NIST Report has no criticisms of the WTC structural design. Nice, very nice! Moral corruption indeed!

Unfortunately, none of this comes as much of a surprise to me having seen the same kind of nonsense while working for 23 years in the nuclear industry in Canada.
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