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Originally Posted by defaultdotxbe View Post
as for other passengers, things were found, such as ceecee lyles's drivers liscense and other personal affects
Liz Glick gave a list of items in her book:

"So what am I getting back?" I asked Miller when he got off the phone.
"A credit card", he said. "It got melted some but it's mostly intact"...

The binder was entitled "Unassociated Personal Effects of Flight 93"... Inside were colour photographs of everything found in Shanksville not clearly linked to a particular person. Jer's wedding ring didn't survive, but seventy other pieces of jewelry did, along with a bewildering variety of scrunchies, hats, belts, bras, desses, T-shirts, unmatched shoes, and other items that somehow escaped the heat, some virtually unmarred. Then there were keys, books, gift cards, letters, photographs, compact discs, pens, medallions... Some of the shoes were badly mutilated, disturbing evidence of the violence to which they'd been subjected. There was a length of electrical cord, a crumpled cigarette lighter, eighteen toenail clippers in various states of mangling. There were many snapshots of children, most painstakingly glued back together...

I found a pair of his black briefs on the second page of the men's underwear. They were discoloured and savagely torn, but there was no question they were his... At the bottom of the page was an American Express datebook. The cover looked burned and maybe water damaged as well...

There it was, just like the psychic promised: bound in leather, or what was left of of leather. Jeremy's datebook.

Your Father's Voice

Liz Glick, widow of Flight 93 passenger Jeremy Glick, and Dan Zegart
And those are just the items "not clearly linked" to a particular person, so you'd imagine there would be plenty of others.
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