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Made some mistakes, but wouldn't change em' for the world!!!

I never "changed" my story! Not every detail pertains to a conversation. I tred lightly when speaking of the Red Cross, because I maintain a membership with them. ( hoping the time I have invested with them would amount to something!) Very simply, the RC rep was listening to a Mutual Aid Channel in Front of our contained Crowd about 5 min after telling me there was a building and/or that could come down in the area due to structural damage. Moments later the RC seperated volunteers. Our team was more skilled and hence needed better explanations. Under the crowds pressure he consulted with the Fireman that were moving out. His findings were unclear and he listened to his radio. Then I can recall him pacing with his radio covered and the notifying the small crowd that remained near the intersection.
As far as my credibility goes... I was discharged from the AF with a General Discharge. Failure to report the witness of a crime, Its one time keeping my mouth costs me dearly. The details are thankfully sealed within my Squadron.
I was just a dumb kid who thought he knew it all... I was busted down to E-1 upon discharge. My duties on 911 were kind of a way making things right as a Soldier, and that was achieved. Other than that it was terrible.
I never was Elite like a PJ, I was a Med-Tech (kinda like a LPN) 1325hrs.TRN
In fact I opted out second day of PJ tryouts. This may be confused with on the second day I was absorbed to the CMR where these events are only verifiable from other Soldier's verification only. I.E. David Millier etc. I was kind of privileged to work with SpecOPs inside this Task Force. This and I have had search and rescue training, and I was elite while I worked with them in the days after the attack. This is how believed role performed was titled. I understand the events were larger than life and have no need to be a "wannabe" If anyone has questions they can email me at
At the time, I was a network engineer dotcomm' er that tried to go out shining like the medic I once was, before I gave up on serving mankind. Today, I have renewed faith and now serve in EMS. Blood-tox shows heavy exposure linked to WTC signature, along with many lung related injuries, and stroke. I prevent further effects with Meds thankfully.
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