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Well, let's see. First, the only magazine that has covered the Troofers at all sympathetically is Hustler, which is squarely aimed at the young, stupid white male demographic. Looking at the Zogby Poll results, we can see some more indications of what groups tend to be MIHOP, more than others:

1. Liberals to moderates are slightly more MIHOP than average. Libertarians appear to be far more MIHOP, although the margin for error with only 15 Libertarians polled is enormous. However, the result does fit with anecdotal evidence. Libertarians are overwhelmingly white and male.

2. Those who gave their religion as "Other/None" were somewhat more likely than average to believe in MIHOP, although oddly this contrasts with some other findings of the poll, which found that those who attend church weekly were more likely to be Troofer than those who rarely or never attend church. Jewish people were very unlikely to be Troofer, with only 15.6% supporting LIHOP and none expressing MIHOP; again this could simply be the small sample size.

3. Singles (7.4%) were much more likely than marrieds (4.0%) to believe in MIHOP. Those describing themselves as "citizens of Planet Earth" (6.9%) were more likely to be MIHOP than those calling themselves "citizens of America" (3.4%). Gun owners (1.9%) were far less likely to be MIHOP than non-gun owners (7.0%). Oddly (perhaps) those who had been in the military (4.9%) were more likely to be MIHOP than those who had not (3.8%).

4. NASCAR fans (1.3%) were very unlikely to be MIHOP. Those who attended Little League games were much less likely (0.4%) to be MIHOP than those who attended professional sporting events (6.2%). Oddly enough, those who never shop Wal-Mart (7.0%) are much more likely to be kooks than those who shop Wal-Mart a few times a month (5.2%).

5. On the male/female issue, Zogby actually found more females (4.8%) who were MIHOP than males (4.2%). However, the biggest factor appears to be income, with those making less than $25,000 per year far more likely than any other group to be MIHOP (15.1%).
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