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Originally Posted by leftysergeant View Post
Well, I stumbled on a YouTube clip of Jones nattering about his thermite theory. He makes mention of some of the elements found in WTC dust, including zinc, manganese and barium. (He did not himself find the barium. He mentions the USGS collecting it.) These things are all used in military thermite.

Zinc is also used in galvanized steel screws, electrical conduits, trash cans, desk drawer pulls, door knobs, kick plates on doors and some medications.

Manganese is also alloyed with iron to make certain high-strength steels.

Every painted surface in the building probably contained some barium oxide as a white pigment.
That's been discussed here at length, and I cover his claims on this page of my WTC 7 paper (don't forget all those acres of galvanized floor plate).

He also points out the supposedly anomolous burnt vehicles and says that they were probably burned by thermite residues.
Now THAT's a new one! Has he ever heard of an exotic material called paper?

Mike Athemas, a 46-year-old volunteer fireman, headed downtown once the bomb went off and didn't leave until midafternoon. "Everywhere you turned, there was someone taking bodies out of the rubble," he said. Making matters worse, documents that had been blown from the building were catching fire and igniting vehicles outside the World Trade Center. "There were 20 cars and trucks -- police cars and emergency vehicles -- on fire," said Mr. Athemas.

Absolutely amazing.
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