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And they get that 10 minute claim from David Ray Griffin, who in turn gets the 10 minute time from a PC simulation game documentation.

Originally Posted by Griffin
But an Air Traffic Control document put out in 1998 warned pilots that any airplanes persisting in unusual behavior "will likely find two [jet fighters] on their tail within 10 or so minutes."
"ATC document" was in reality documentation for a PC simulation game called Air Traffic Control Center. And even that documentation speaks of incoming flights from overseas.

The U.S. military has their own network of radars looking over the U.S. borders, and out over the ocean (NORAD). They are tied into the FAA computer to be able to get information on incoming flights from overseas, but if they see a target over international waters headed toward the U.S., without flight plan information, they will call on the "shout" line to the appropriate Center sector for an ID. Sector 66 might get a call to ID a radar target, and if 66 has no datablock or other information on it, the military will usually scramble an intercept flight. Essentially always they turn out to be private pilots ("VFR") not talking to anybody, who stray too far outside the boundary, then get picked up on their way back in. But, procedures are procedures, and they will likely find two F-18's on their tail within 10 or so minutes.
MikeW has debunked it here:
9/11 Guide homepage

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