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Originally Posted by steve s View Post
That has to be the mother of all Stundies because it perfectly describes the troofer mentality. "Except for the evidence that disproves our beliefs, it proves our beliefs."
No, I don't think you've quite understood the subtleties of Troofer thought. All debris within the footprint proves a CD, because that's what CDs do. And all debris outside the footprint proves a CD because it was "blown outward" by the explosives.

See for example Stephen E. Jones' masterwork: Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?

Originally Posted by Stephen E. Jones
Point #8. Ejection of Steel Beams and Debris-plumes from the Towers

The horizontal ejection of structural steel members for hundreds of feet and the pulverization of concrete to flour-like powder, observed clearly in the collapses of the WTC towers, provide further evidence for the use of explosives ...

Point #10. Controlled Demolition “Implosions” Require Skill

The occurrence of nearly symmetrical, straight-down and complete collapses of the WTC 7 and the Towers is particularly upsetting to the “official” theory that random fires plus damage caused all these collapses. Even with high-level cutting charges, achieving such results requires a great deal of pre-planning and expertise.
You see?

Anything going straight down proves the CTs are right, and anything going sideways proves the CTs are right. I guess if the official theory was right the debris would have gone ... well, there's only one direction left, isn't there?

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