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Originally Posted by Miragememories View Post
On a spectacular day like 9/11 I don't think even a "senior moment' would explain such a time discrepancy.
Perhaps then you need to talk to people that were there. They say things like this:

I wish I had recorded a tape after that day, never thought about it. I tried three days later to build a timeline, and I never could, it was just too much information, it was like information overload. -- Cheap Shot (Boston ATC)

It's hard I know to believe that Cheney might have been fibbing.
Except it's not just Cheney's version vs Mineta's. For Mineta to have his time right then not only much Cheney be wrong, but so too the Secret Service logs (which dicuss Cheney being taken to a underground hallway for protection at around 9:30am when the first reports of a unidentified aircraft came through), the Whitehouse phone logs (which showed when the President and Vice President discussed the shoot down order), the news reporting of the Whitehouse evacuation (which reported people running from the white house and nearby buildings at 9:45am, 25 mintes after Mineta claims it happened), and the testimony of all the others that were there, including Mrs Cheney (who arrived at 9:50am, yet whom Mineta said was there before he arrived at 9:20am) and the officer who was speaking to Cheney. Either everyone else in that room at the time is lying, or Mineta got the time wrong. Which is more likely?

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