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Originally Posted by realcddeal View Post
Gordon Ross already did this and the minor nitpick about elastic vs. plastic buckling does not discount his work.
Haven't you read Newtons Bit's analysis of Ross? It's more than a minor nitpick, Ross's entire analysis rests on a fundamental error which is not just serious but utterly absurd.

I came up with a good analogy for Ross's error, in fact. Suppose I go out shopping with a hundred dollars, buy a forty-dollar pair of shoes, buy some lunch, and come back with thirty-three dollars. Analysing this according to Ross's approach, I must have stolen the shoes. Why?

Starting cash: $100
Amount spent shopping: $67
Amount left: $33
Therefore there was not enough money left over after shopping to buy a $40 pair of shoes.

Check Ross's energy tables. The analogy is exact.

Me: So what you're saying is that, if the load carrying ability of the lower structure is reduced to the point where it can no longer support the load above it, it will collapse without a jolt, right?

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