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Before our resident conspiracy liars work up a full head of steam rationalizing Hoffman's cowardice, let's have a reality check. Hoffman was scheduled to appear on 'Hardfire' as my very first guest. He pulled out at the last minute, for no particular reason, and announced that he might be available later in the summer, but probably wouldn't be available ever. It is possible that one particularly deranged fantasist on a libertarian debate forum I used to frequent tipped him off to my stated intention of using Dr. Greening's work to refute his faulty calculations. Indeed, my preparations for the interview led me to contact Dr. Greening, and I have been grateful for his help many times since then. We managed to find a replacement in Les Jamieson. You know the rest of the story.

Hoffman is, of course, blowing smoke when he suggests that I'm the reason he wouldn't appear on 'Hardfire.' He wouldn't dream of facing Mark Roberts under any reasonable conditions. He would require the host to cut off Roberts the moment he began to speak. But Hoffman isn't alone. There are several well-informed rationalists on the JREF who could never persuade any of the more visible charlatans to stop running long enough to subject the myths of the fantasy movement to critical scrutiny.

What else is new?
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