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Bump. Surely even the Merikans are awake by now? Or is Dana still frantically Googling for anything he can cut-and-paste that has some promising-looking buzzwords in it?

Just checked on the original version of this challenge, in the Bad Science blog.

Originally Posted by pv
Here’s challenge. Give one incontrovertible example, with references, of a non-self-limiting condition being cured by homeopathic treatment. Here’s a few examples of such conditions in case you don’t know what is meant by “non-self-limiting”:
AIDS, typhoid, emphysema, diabetes, hypothyroidism, peritonitis, septicaemia, diphtheria, smallpox, tetanus, ebola…

By the way, which of you guys is pv? That's what I was looking for, the list of suggested non-self-limiting conditions we'd like to see case reports about. Others exist too, of course. I see someone else there ("wewillfixit") has come up with my perennial Addison's suggestion. That one is so uncompromisingly fatal, and yet the recovery with simple conventional treatment so complete and so dramatic I always think, where, homoeopaths, is your equivalent of that one? Or really, in memory of my late friend, how about a glioblastoma, properly documented of course?

Today I thought about a nice veterinary one. I was teaching some agriculture students about milk fever, and described the sudden collapse and death associated with the condition. Then I described the equally sudden and dramatic recovery with one simple injection. Homoeopathic vets, have you ever cured a case of milk fever?

No, it's always someone who knows someone who heard about a homoeopath in Nebraska, or the Punjab maybe, who had ever so many cured cases, why don't you email him about it? I'm a vet too, and I'll corroborate BSM's statement that dogs rarely eat homework. So where are all these records of cured cases of these sorts of conditions?

You know, all those deep, gentle, long-lasting and permanent cures that only individualised potentised homoeopathy can deliver, and which some of its proponents promise to every single one of their patients. I mean, there can't actually be none at all, can there? You know, you peel the pathology back from the outside in, unravelling all the layers from the most recent to the most persistent symptoms, and you get that deep and gentle cure.

Just one documented case? Of a patient who really wasn't going to get better on their own?


PS. BSM, somewhere in one of those blogs, someone with access to the full text had done a great job on Allbrecht and Schutter (you remember, the one and only of Gregory's list of a handful of veterinary trials on the FacHom web site that could actually be traced online, in abstract). I can't find it now, do you have a link? I'd love to know where that guy got the full text, and peruse his analysis once more.

PPS. It's OK, I found it. Chris Lawson. Never heard of him before, and can't figure out how to contact him.
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