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Originally Posted by lee5 View Post
The one at the time it took place.
The version that actually took place is that on 2 August the USS Maddox was attacked by three North Vietnamese torpedo boats in International waters. The Maddox scared the torpedo boats away with its weapons.

On 4 August the USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy were conducting a close in patrol of the North Vietnam coast when they mistakenly thought they had come under attack again. Although the commander quickly determined that it was unlikely any attack was sustained, he still incorrectly maintained that there had been an initial ambush involving one boat firing one torpedo at the USS Maddox. (It is important to note that the commander was on board the Turner Joy not the Maddox).

The USA believing the second attack to have been genuine, initiated attacks against North Korea, and the President took advantage of the incident to justify expanded military operations in Vietnam - an agenda he almost certainly already wished to follow through on.

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Then what was the reason?
The USA became involved in Vietnam to maintain the sovereignty of South Vietnam and to prevent the spread of Communism.

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So what events do you think were "real" "false flags"?
-Mukden Incident
-Marco Polo Bridge Incident
-Operation Himmler
-Shelling of Mainila
-Lavon Affair
-Operation Ajax
-1999 Russian Apartment Bombings (possibly)

Originally Posted by lee5 View Post
Do you think that if a real large scale "false flag" occured that you would really be able to know?
That would depend entirely on the circumstance.


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