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Originally Posted by Swing Dangler
Why should he speak with you anyway?...
1. Your not a journalist.
2. Your not a media representative.
3. Your not a government official.
4. Your a tour guide...
First, Swing Dangler is misusing "your." "You're" is the contraction of "you are." Example: So you're telling me that black helicopters fly over your house every night?

Next, some history (all bolding is mine):
  • On April 29, 2007, Rodriguez agreed to Ron Wieck's invitation to appear with me on Hardfire. He posted his initial acceptance on this forum:
Hi, thanks for the invitation. I will love to appear and since my actual agenda is full, I will find a date in the coming weeks to help you. I like Mr. Mark Roberts very much and agree with him in many aspects. It will be a humble honor to have a dialogue with him. what number my organizer should call you at?

William Rodriguez
Within minutes of learning that Ron (pomeroo) had posted that invitation here as "Challenge to William Rodriguez," Rodriguez changed his mind and said he would not appear on the show. That made me wonder how much more there was to his story, which caused me to do the research that resulted in William Rodriguez, Escape Artist.
  • On May 20, 2007 I sent this email to William Rodriguez. He was the first person I notified about my paper.
Dear William,

I have created a website where I discuss many of your claims about 9/11:

I hope you will take the time to read it carefully. I will gladly post your response to any or all of my points.

Mark Roberts
  • On May 21 he replied briefly and requested that before I proceed further, I contact James Randi to get more background information on Rodriguez. He later reminded me of that request in a post on this forum, as if that would somehow change the truth of his claims or how I approached them.
In that email Rodriguez wrote, "Keep up the good work and I do support your position and quest to clear up points."
  • Later on May 21, Rodriguez emailed again and called my paper "an effectively good paper" and "well done." He said, "The only problem I have is when you get into the personal insults, personalising the issue , and the part at the end" [He quoted this section]:
On May 5, Rodriguez wondered if I am gay, and wrote, "anybody have info on that? Not that it is relevant to our debate but it will explain a lot of things if true."

Mr. Rodriguez, what would it explain if I were gay?
Rodriguez explained that he is not homophobic, that the quote was taken out of context, and that I should have included the part where he said this didn't matter in regards to the debate. He wasn't reading carefully: that disclaimer is right there in the passage he quoted, and the quote is not out of context or misleading.

That is the only specific thing he criticized, and he got it wrong.
  • Still later on May 21, Rodriguez forwarded a short email he had received, in which the sender said he had read my paper and castigated him with strong language for lying. Rodriguez said this was "my work" and cryptically wrote, "Wait for my action."
  • I replied, "William, my work is what I wrote and compiled. I welcome any specific response you may have to that."
  • He replied that he'd rather not get into a back-and-forth debate, but would instead argue his case in national media interviews.
  • I replied,
Dear William,

I appreciate your not wanting to get into a back-and-forth debate, but I hope you know that national media interviews are hardly the best way to reply to the many detailed points in my paper.

I began looking into your claims because it seemed that you were avoiding hard questions. Those questions aren't going away. I hope that as someone who says he's fighting for the truth, you will at least carefully consider the evidence I laid out.

If at any time you feel like writing a response, my offer remains open to print it next to my piece.
  • On June 4, Rodriguez emailed me with a link to a Nico Haupt post about him.
  • On August 10 and 12 I emailed him, asking for clarification about information about him that I had gathered in my John Schroeder research. He did not reply. When that paper was finished, he did say he was sending it to 65,000 people on his mailing list.
  • When participating in this forum, Rodriguez has repeatedly avoided answering tough questions.
  • In his signature on the Loose Change forum, Rodriguez includes a link to my paper about him.
  • In a post where he said, "Thank you Gravy, and keep it coming," Rodriguez says he sent the link to my paper to the 9/11 families on his mailing list. About his behavior, he wrote, " You do not like it? get together a group of survivors and do your own show-presentation-demostration-exhibition-fair." He signed that post "William Rodriguez Escape Artist."
  • In this post he wrote, "I have a show to do in couple of minutes," which he then changed to, "I have a presentation to do in couple of minutes." A telling slip, I think.
  • At 1:55 in this video made in Liverpool, Rodriguez says,
"There was a guy in New York that was, writing an article, a hundred and three pages [sic] article, trying to debunk me. And instead of actually destroying me, what it actually did, it incremented the level of requests all over the world to give presentations. I was just, like, you know, he helped me immensely. So that's what we're doing now."
  • In this post Rodriguez wrote,
Thank you Mark for the tour, is going great!

William Rodriguez Escape artist
  • In this post he wrote,
Oh no sweat, it did help indeed! It got me on the George Galloway Show, BBC 5 Live, The James Whales Show and on The Agenda. We added Italy,Penang, Kuala lumpur and we are arranging for a posible Ibiza and Belgium.

William Rodriguez Escape artist

In the video linked above, which was shot in July, Rodriguez says that he wants all of this touring to be over by December, so that he can spend time with his family, and so that he can take the time to grieve. "My grieving process has been in front of the media this whole time." That's a curious statement, since Rodriguez consistently claims that he's ignored by the media.

I don't know what changed his mind, but last month Rodriguez announced that he was embarking on a new international tour, with my JREF forum nickname attached to it:

  • Here, his entire post was "I am 9/11."
To summarize,

"It will be a humble honor to have a dialogue with him."
"Keep up the good work"
"An effectively good paper"
"Well done"
"The only problem I have"
"Helped me immensely"
"Thank you Gravy, and keep it coming."
"Thank you Mark for the tour, is going great!"
"It did help indeed."
"International 'Gravy' truth tour"
"I am 9/11."

Rodriguez hasn't tried to rebut my paper because he's quite happy with it. I wonder why his fans aren't.
"Please, keep your chops cool and don’t overblow.” –Freddie Hubbard

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