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Dana Ullman
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You folks are getting a tad desparate.

Wilsontown makes reference to Shang's 18 (!) studies, and yet, the final analysis only included 8 homeopathic studies and 6 allopathic ones.

In actual fact, he NEVER provided any analysis of the 21 high quality homeopathic studies and the 9 high quality allopathic studies. However, the International Journal of Epidemiology is solving this question, and a review will be published shortly. Be prepared for Mea culpas.

As for Mr. Monkey...because I have made it clear that I do not treat patients myself, your question is a tad silly. You don't seem to or care to listen.

Jaana...if you really believe what you believe, then you should turn-in your mother and get her arrested. To you, she is conducted a criminal act on a daily basis.

Mojo...thanx for providing a little sanity in your posting. The UK has not yet fallen into the ocean despite having common law in which anyone can engage in a health care relationship as long as there is no claim that the health practitioner is a physician when that is not true (In California, fraud is a felony, while "medicine medicine without a license" was previously a misdemeanor, until the new law was passed that allow freedom of choice.)

I'm still waiting to hear anyone explanation for the EEG reading in that fibromyalgia study.

I'm still waiting to hear ANY critique of the Canova formula that I previously discussed.

I'm still waiting for some GOOD critique of the RHEUMATOLOGY study.
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