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Originally Posted by Heiwa View Post
So no potential energy can be released.

But let's assume it does. Why would this energy then act on the structure below? The mass above - and its energy - is disconnected from the structure below! And regardless - the structure below is very strong and will just deflect any energy coming from above.

Any energy being released from above will of course take the path of least resistance below = through the air, and fall to the ground. This is what happens in every structure being overloaded and explains why no steel framed scyscraper suddenly collapses in 1000 000's of pieces.
Absolutely astonishing.

Why did this progressive collapse proceed to the ground? Why did the mass above not know to transport itself laterally, using no energy, so that it could take the "path of least resistance" through the air? What a stupid mass!

Jeebus, I have to get away from this insanity.
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