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Originally Posted by Lennart Hyland View Post
Since you stated that these pictures are faked:


1. Can you please tell me where these pictures are faked and how they faked them?

2. Oh and when you have done that (not likely) you could show us the real pictures.
1. Origin and history of the pages are unknown to me. As I understand it, it is quite easy to photoshop digital pictures nowadays. So before you link pictures to me, establish their reliability, etc.

2. Sorry, I was at Freiberg, Saxony on 911 and could not take any pictures at NY.

Reason why any picture of deformation of the south wall is faked is that the mass above is too small to deform the wall in the first place. One or more floors connected to the wall cannot deform the wall, e.g. due to alleged 'sagging' of the floor due to heat.

Reason for that? The floor is just bolted to the columns. The force/moment transmitted by the floor to the column does not change due to sagging/heat. No deformation of the wall can therefore take place.

The 'sagging' floor is pulling the wall inwards? You must be joking! The wall box column is much too strong for that.

Remind you that Nist FAQ December 2007 suggests that the floors are still connected to the walls. It is only later that they suddenly falls down, etc. 700 bolts/floor suddenly fails.

BTW - what's wrong with my article ?
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