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Originally Posted by Gravy View Post
As always, you are dead wrong. Again, please describe what YOU see, Anders. Five minutes before collapse:
I see some minor office fires at different floors above the impact where there originally was jet fuel and no deformations of any wall columns at all. No floors sagging. Etc.

The picture is very good! No concentrated fires anywhere but spread apart in different locations on different floors, mostly secondary small fires. Making a lot of smoke but cannot cause any risk to the structure. Evidently.

To be a real hazard, the fire must be concentrated - on one floor - attacking all the columns at the same time. Small fires here and there is no hazard. The redundancy of the structure takes care of that. Evidently.

Gravy, don't you understand that you do not understand ... and are fooled by nonsense? In cases like that I recommend a cold shower. But thank you for the picture showing me right.

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