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Originally Posted by T.A.M. View Post
There were 4 very long calls that came from Flight 77, none of them with an identified caller according to the Moussauoi trial data.

9:15:34 - 102 seconds
9:20:15 - 274 seconds
9:24:48 - 159 seconds
9:30:56 - 260 seconds

The only call on record, from the trial data, attributed to Barbara Olsen is an unconnected call (lasts 0 seconds).

Again, I'm hazy on this, but: Can we safely say that the consensus is that one of these "unidentified callers" must be the Olsen call?

Also: I'm going to go through the Moussauoi trial evidence later and see if I can dig up the stuff specific to the calls. I simply don't remember any of this stuff; there's just to durn muchto remember. Anyone got a good link to something with layman-level summaries? If not, I'll just (*gack!*) locate the raw presentations and deal with it.
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