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Bump for A-Train and MaGZ. I've posed several questions in this thread that you've both failed to answer coherently; what they boil down to is, "If the Holocaust is a Jewish fabrication, how do you explain the huge number of non-Jewish witnesses to the Nazis' campaign of genocide?"

Kindly respond.
Kindly give at least one example, drawing from your huge pool of Jewish and/or non-Jewish witnesses, of the alleged Nazi campaign of genocide.

I am actually a connoisseur of Holocaust stories. They run regularly in the Minneapolis Star Tribune here, and I always read them very closely. Usually they follow the same format, over and over. The "Holocaust survivor" recounts his experiences during the war. What he is quoted as saying is all consistent with what we know happened in WW2. For example, he may describe being sent to Auschwitz and being forced to work on building a road. He may say that his parents were sent to another camp and that he never heard from them again. He may describe hiding in the woods from the Nazis.

All these experiences could be, and very well may be true. The problem is that nowhere in these accounts is there any evidence, or even the assertion made, that the Nazis were engaged in any kind of genocide. We have all been so conditioned by decades of mind conditioning in films, TV shows, literary fiction, school curriculum, and so on, that these experiences occurred within the context of people being exterminated in gas chambers that we subconsciously assume that is the subtext of the stories. It is the editor of the publication that chimes in about the supposed exterminations, filling in the blanks between quotes from the subject.

Meanwhile, the "Holocaust survivor" never bothers to fill us in on awkward facts surrounding his experiences-- such as that his parents were sent to camps not because they were Jews, but because they were accused of swindling (like Anne Frank's father), or that he was chased in the woods by the Germans because he was engaged in partisan guerrilla activities against the Germans on behalf of the Communists, etc.

So, I suggest you try it next time you run across a "survivor" tale in your local newspaper-- which will probably be some time in the next week or so. Examine the words quoted of the survivor in question. Does he ever actually present any testimonial that he witnessed genocide of any kind? Chances are he doesn't, because he didn't. And neither did anyone else.

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