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Originally Posted by rwguinn View Post
Let's knock off the FDR stuff. That's a derail, the twoofer standard policy when they have had their heads handed to them.
This is about numbers and "because I feel TC329's original post raised a new claim that hasn't been discussed in detail here before"
i disagree that its a derail, if you go by the premises laid out in the OP

(1) Flight 77's path took it over the 169ft VDOT antenna;
(2) Flight 77 therefore had to sustain a 4480fpm descent rate to strike the lightpoles on Washington Blvd.
(3) To arrest this descent prior to striking the Pentagon would require a 30.1G pullout (note that the website referred to does not assert this, rather it claims 11.2G)
(4) This is unsustainable by the airframe.
the first premise is dependent on interpreting the FDR data, and without it the entire claim falls apart, you could discuss the other 3 premises, but that would require assiming the first is accurate

persoanlly i no problem assuming something is true for the purposes of discussion, but others might not want to do that, thus discussion of how the FDR data is interpreted is relevant
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