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IMPORTANT! Before you hyperlink, read this.

Hey folks, by all means link to the Expelled Exposed site. But do not use "Expelled Exposed" as your anchor text! (The anchor text is the visible text in a link).

We need to get it moved higher in the Google rankings for when people search for the the movie. That means searches that have "expelled" in them but not "exposed".

To best do that, you need to link to it like this:


This will boost it for searches for the "expelled", which is how most people are going to search for info about the movie.

In recent weeks it has been on pages 6 through 12 of Google results for this search. As of this week it is on the bottom of page 2 of the same search. We need to get it boosted even more so it appears on the first page. To do this best, we need precisely targeted links.

That is all. We now return you to the regularly scheduled thread.
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