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Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
What I have shown is this: If all the synaptic connections of a three-year-old child were hard-coded ...
Which they aren't

And this information is assumed to be responsible also for many thousand enzyme species, differentiation into more than two hundred cell types, the highly complex anatomy of the human body at all levels, human learning capacity, instinctive behaviour and even talents.
Substitute "known" for "assumed", and that's about right.

"Axon guidance (also called axon pathfinding) is a subfield of neural development concerning the process by which neurons send out axons to reach the correct targets. Axons often follow very precise paths in the nervous system, and how they manage to find their way so accurately remains a major puzzle."
Typical crank reasoning. "If I can't explain it, then I can explain it, psychons do it by magic". Usually it's not psychons, but God or space aliens or the Secret Consipracy of Evil Jews.

One thing is sure: the information cannot come from the DNA, simply because the DNA does not contain enough information.
If that was "sure", then wouldn't you have a scrap of a shred of evidence for it?

All you need to do is find a protein the synthesis of which is not directed by DNA.

Of course, this would not confirm the "psychons" hypothesis and more than it would confirm the goddidit hypothesis, the "space aliens are telporting proteins into my body" hypothesis, the "magic gene fairy" hypothesis, or the hypothesis that it's synthesized by some non-magical biological process that we haven't found out about yet.

But it would be a start. So, please name one human protein that doesn't have a corresponding gene.

So it also becomes comprehensible that RNA sequences (introns) are able to cut out themselves or that order is maintained during DNA recombination.
Actually, that's comprehensible in terms of biochemistry, without dragging in imaginary invisible entities. If you want to know how self-splicing introns self-splice (and most introns, BTW, are not self-splicing) then you could start with that article on [swiki]splicing[/swiki] that I keep referring you to, or you could go directly to this link.

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