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The people that claim science is "faith based" are simply too ignorant to understand it so it must be faith based. This is also their argument for Religion, you non-believers don't believe because you do not know the power of the Lord. Science is based on reproduced studies that can be predicted 100% of the time. Faith that Jesus wont kill your child by making a drunk driver run over him is not predictable, it's random but since the drunk didn't hit the kid today it must have been Jesus protecting the child.
It never ceases to amaze me how dumb people are in today's world and how much they like to take credit for other people's accomplishments. We are primitive humans and we see ourselves as better because of what science and technology has brought us.
One may observe that Christians often have the habit of attributing events or circumstances to procedures of Faith. E.g., getting that job was a "God thing"--I prayed about it a lot. This may reflect their actual conclusion; it also signals other Faithful that they are members of the group. Do not fall for the semantic ploy of equating "Faith" with belief. It is possible to believe many things in terms of being convinced as best judgment that something is true. If it is Faith, you MUST believe or risk going to Hell. My belief is revisable--life is a learning process.
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