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Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
One thing is sure: the information cannot come from the DNA, simply because the DNA does not contain enough information.
I think you misunderstand the role of DNA in embryology. DNA is NOT like a blue-print. There is NO one-to-one mapping of genes to parts of the body or brain.

DNA is more like a recipe. Several genes act with each other, and the emergent system is one we call a complete life form.

In a cake recipe, for example, there is no one-to-one mapping of a letter in the text to a specific piece in the cake. The whole recipe works, together, to make the whole cake.

So, of course it would seem like there is "not enough information" in DNA to do everything it does. It's not a matter of "how much" information, but how it is used.

And, as others have mentioned, physics plays a role in providing "information" into the system, as well.
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