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The psychon theory has very concrete consequences, for instance there must be a limit to the number of human souls, which according to the latest demographic data could be even less than 7 billion.
it seems plausible that preventing a dying person forcefully from dying can lead to the death of a baby animated by the same soul.
World population cannot continue to grow as it has in recent decades.
So, if the population does continue to grow, would that refute psychon theory?

If we were to conduct a study on births and deaths, how would we be able to examine the psychons of each person, to see if they are shared or not, to know this was an active mechanism in the world?

The simplest bacteria and viruses are so complex, that the probability for their random emergence is much lower than in the above example, even if all the necessary constituents are available in the right proportion.
Correct. But, Darwin's theory of Evolution is the opposite of random probability. Natural selection is a non-random algorithm of variety pruning in a population. It would actually be expected for complex things to emerge from the algorithm, much faster than random chance, alone.

Why would scientists support a theory that relied on random chance so strongly? Wouldn't such randomness defeat the scientific endeavor? Scientists are not (usually) that stupid! They mainly support algorithms, such as Evolution, which help them make predictions about life forms, that are NOT random.

The information of the genetic code of HIV is less than 2.5 kilobyte. Computer science has shown how little this is. This genetic information can never be enough information for a virus to survive.
Read my previous post. It is NOT "how much" information that matters, but "how it is used". This arguments smacks of personal incredulity. Just because you cannot fathom how it can survive with so little information, does not mean that someone who has studied the virus more than you cannot ever figure it out.
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