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Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
I'm sure that every unprejudiced person being able to understand the above reasoning must admit: A biology, where the whole evolutionary progress is stored in DNA and to a lower extent in other material structures, is simply impossible from the logical point of view. Whether such a purely materialistic biology has the form of neo-Darwinism or the form of Intelligent Design does not matter.
You are being purposefully ignorant, and it is getting old. Numerous people here have told you, explicitly, that nobody who knows what they are talking about has made the claim that the whole evolutionary progress is stored anywhere.

I find it remarkable that someone who claims to know as much as you about biology could be so uneducated in the realm of molecular biology that they think DNA actually stores the information needed to grow and run the human body -- modern science has known, for some time, that it simply helps derive that information when needed.

Does a mass store the information that it should drop when affected by gravity? Does an airfoil store the information that it should lift when propelled through the air? Does wood store the information that it should burn when lit? Of course not. Similarly, DNA does not "store" the information of how any protein should work, or even how proteins should interact with each other -- the laws of nature take care of that automatically once the protein has been assembled.

You are implying that, for example, water molecules "store" the entire structure of every possible snowflake they might come together to form -- a clearly absurd idea.

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