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Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
Could you explain what you do not understand in my reasoning? And if you understand the reasoning, could you explain why you consider it ridiculous?

Originally Posted by wogoga
It is extremely improbable that different reading frames of the same DNA can lead to viable protein parts, because a frame shift leads to a more or less random amino acid sequence.
An intelligent person would expect certain sequences to have a much higher probability of producing something meaningful after a shift than other sequences. Furthermore, an intelligent person would expect to see the mechanisms of evolution encouraging mutations that shift those "lucky" sequences to be carried much more frequently than those that don't. The arbitrary numbers you came up with don't seem to account for any of this.

This is a typical creationist tactic -- use some (what they consider) arbitrary "fancy mathematics" to distract the less educated into forgetting that nature is anything but arbitrary. Your argument here is nothing but a more complicated version of the dishonest "the probability that we suddenly popped into being from a random assortment of atoms is extremely low, so evolution is therefore wrong" argument.

Originally Posted by wogoga
I'm sure that every unprejudiced person being able to understand the above reasoning must admit: A biology, where the whole evolutionary progress is stored in DNA and to a lower extent in other material structures, is simply impossible from the logical point of view. Whether such a purely materialistic biology has the form of neo-Darwinism or the form of Intelligent Design does not matter.
Yes, it does seem impossible. It is a good thing, then, that neither neo-Darwinism nor Intelligent Design suggests anything remotely similar.

This is another of the tired and sad tactics creationists must resort to (although whether it be out of malice or simple ignorance I cannot tell) -- the strawman. We have explained to you over and over why this is a strawman, heck I did in my last post (which you conveniently ignored, I see), yet you continue to vomit it all over the forum. Are you malicious, or just ignorant?

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