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To the OP. Look up gastrulation, cell differentiation and cell migration.

Regarding your assertion that DNA can't contain the information needed to create a human being, and your flawed conclusions about the compression of information, look up procedural generation.

A small team of enthusiasts created a first person shooter game in 97,280 bytes of information (.kkrieger). These 97K encode information that would require 200-300MB by conventional methods.

That's a factor of over 3000.

However, in the real world there is no need for a physics engine (the world is a physics engine). As was noted before, a lot of the information needed to constrain or guide biological processes doesn't need to be contained in the DNA.

There are also computer genetic algorithms which can produce coherent and complex structures or information over time.

If you combine both methods (evolution and procedural generation,) in either context, you can produce astounding results.

Thus, I disagree with your assertion that random mutations cannot explain the evolution of humans.
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