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Thank you for reading my thoughts,

I am not here to teach basic English.

My idea is based on your inner energy, not electric, even though electric is a bi-product of energy.

Energy can not be destroyed, electric can.

BrainGate is designed to measure inner energy, and to measure it in a way that we can use toward this possibility.

This experiment is not as cut and dry as you might be thinking.

Some might feel that afterlife are just lined up waiting for the change, and even if they were, and I don't think they are. How would you measure it with out some type of plan or past data?

With out a plan or using past data from a patient, you don't have anything that can be measured.


A doctor is listening to your lungs during a physical, and they ask you to take a deep breath.

I believe as long as you have confidence in your doctor and understand what your doctor is asking you to do, that this type of procedure would be very easy to do.

My idea is no different

I believe in some ways; communicating with afterlife is easier than communicating with me.
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