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The second draft of Ms. Landin's testing protocol is as follows:

Gender Through Psychometry Trials

Materials required:

At least 20 letters written by deceased individuals, numbered with post-it notes

A plywood barrier with hand-sized holes cut in the middle with curtains across the holes


Lined Paper

Environment stipulations:

No walkie-talkies or other communicators, aside from those used by testers, within the test.

No cameras, camcorders, camera-phones, etc. except for those provided by JREF.

No sleight-of-hand, trickery, or cheating.

If any of the above listed are violated, or if it is determined the Subject has attempted to tilt the results in his favor due to trickery of any kind, the test will be halted immediately and considered a failure. If there is a setup or technological problem, or if for any reason the test must be halted due to extenuating circumstances rather than trickery, the test may be conducted up to two additional times. However, if the test must be re-started, the same letters cannot be used.

What Will Constitute a Successful Test:

If Ms. Landin is able to identify the gender of the deceased individual who wrote the letters, the test will be considered successful. Ms. Landin must identify 16 out of 20 correctly.

Experimental Protocol:

1. Ms. Landin will sit on one side of the barrier and reach her hands through the holes. She will not be permitted to see through the holes in the barrier, and the wood should be treated with a substance that has a strong odor.

2. Ms. Landin will be permitted to handle the letters, written by deceased individuals. They will be handed to her by a tester, and will be handed in the order of the post-it numbers.

3. Ms. Landin will write down on the piece of lined paper (while observed by a second tester) the gender of the deceased individual who wrote the letter.

4. When Ms. Landin has handled all the letters and written down the gender of all the letter-writers, her answers will be compared to the letters in full view of Ms. Landin.

Stipulations Pertaining to the Letters:

The receiver of the letter and the writer of the letter must be of the same gender.

The letters must be roughly 8.5in.X11in. (or A4 European letter size)

The writer of the letter must have been deceased less than five years.

The letter must not be older than ten years.

The letters must be handwritten.

The letter receiver must still be alive.

The sender and receiver must both be more than eighteen years of age.
All letters must have a corresponding affidavit from the individual who donated it stating the identity, gender, and date of death of the letter’s sender.

There must not be multiple letters from the same deceased individual.
Contact information for the individual who donated the letter must be made available to Ms. Landin.

Time required: No more than three hours
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