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You missed the point. Just because someone wrote about miracles and witnesses doesn't make it true.
In a court of law it does and especially when there are cooperative witnesses.

In the time-line of science, as best as they can come up with, 12,000 years ago a major event occurred.
Humans appear about 20,000 years before that, the dating techniques aren't perfect and the Hebrews weren't perfect.

But that's still beside the point. Eyewitnesses that someone else wrote about don't mean a thing. If I were to take a pencil and add three more zeroes to that 500 figure, would you be a thousand times more impressed?
I would be Impressed if only ten people witnessed the event of the ascension.

So Paul you listen to magicians for guidance.
A magician’s job is to fool you into what they want you to see.
Jesus walked on a sea not a wading pool.
Not only that but they are vulgar.
I never liked them ever, I thought they were hacks when I was a child and it appears they are even worse now.
They are rude, ugly and vulgar and I can't stand the sight of them.
When they said Bullsh** that's exactly what they are handing you.

Notice that one is the mouthpiece and one is a puppet.
Exactly what the devil does.

First lie that they state and this is from Schemer, (sp.) he states that God makes Adam and Eve at the same time.
What's being stated in that passage is that man is created in his image but it says, male and female he created them, referring to all the other creatures.
At this point it's telling us that man is alone without a mate.
The animals are with mates but not man.

They both got it wrong,( and they have PhDs, Jezz), there aren’t two authors it’s the way they talked in the Kings English.
There was never any confusion in the way I understood that passage.

Then the two lost souls want to make a connection to Elvis a sinner, oh brother.
Elvis is a rotting corpse.
He never walked out of the grave and yes there are conspiracy theories that he went under ground to escape the fame of his popularity the two do not even compare, no ascension, no miracles and I bet he did die of drug abuse.
Loving Elvis in the way that some of the fans did is a false worship of sorts.
Using false adoration of a human is also repulsive using him to compare to Christ is blasphemous.
These clowns are using the tabloids to back their claim, oh my God!
You really believe this?
Their logic is so twisted it’s funny as hell.

Then they discuss the flood story.
Yes there is a story within a story.
They, Myers and Schemer are both right to a degree.

I freeze framed the last part of your first film, that's all I have time for because I’m on dial up.

Let me give you some advice. At the end of that first film.
The tall one I take is Penn, he has a demon in him, it's most noticeable at the moment he puts his hand on his heart, that's body language to say he is sincere and knowledgeable, he has cat like pupils.
We have noticed this also in many actors, it is really noticeable when you see them on a big screen remember I said in the past, the eyes are a window to the soul these two have sold their souls for fame and fortune.....

His condescending attitude is another give away.
It is his way to lead you away from the truth.

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