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Heiwa on his miraculous house:

Originally Posted by Heiwa View Post
Yes, the forces are equal. Cannot be otherwise. Luckily the roof of my house, built 1590, is very strong and anything dropping on it bounces off since then. Except a Swedish cannon ball 1640 (the town + my house was under attack by the Swedes) but it just punched a hole in the roof and broke an internal wooden spandrel. And nobody has bothered to fix that broken piece since. I can send you some photos, if you like. The hole in the roof was of course fixed. To stop the rain. In Saxony we like tight roofs. Glück auf!
What seals the deal here is that he was responding to this post:

Originally Posted by GlennB View Post
Dunno what your problem is here, pom.
Action = reaction, right?
So, when a 10 million tonne asteroid travelling at 10,000kph strikes your house, clearly the forces are equal. Newton said so.
So the asteroid comes to a halt on your roof. It's pretty damn clear ... why must you fuss so about basic Newtonian physics??
That's right, a 10 million tonne asteroid travelling at 10,000km/h would bounce off his house (or possibly punch a hole in the roof and break an internal wooden spandrel....).

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