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Wow, Heiwa's getting in early this month.

Originally Posted by Heiwa View Post
I nominate Heiwa for the following post:

Originally Posted by Heiwa View Post
WTC1:s structure was very much like a cheese. Something slammed into it and made a hole in the cheese, fire erupted and the cheese started to melt around the hole. Above the hole was a big, upper block of 33 000 tons of cheese. Below the hole was a much bigger block of cheese! 250 000 tons.
Now we are told the upper block started to move down, releasing potential energy, as the cheese below was melting around the hole. The upper cheese block, 33 000 tons, hits the lower cheese block, 250 000 tons, and compresses it. The hole disappears and molten cheese is squeezed out. What happens then?

Cheese structure has built in strength that can absorb potential energy. The strength can be likened to the amount of strain energy the hard cheese can absorb before being crushed. The amount of strain energy is almost constant per ton of cheese. Same in the upper and lower cheese parts.

Simple math shows that 33 000 tons of cheese above cannot compress 250 000 tons of cheese below when both parts absorb the same amount of strain energy at the compression. No global collapse.

Unless you fit some extra stuff in the lower cheese. But then cheese rubble and debris are ejected in all directions and reveals the bluff.
I'm not nominating the cheese, since I'm fairly sure that was around last month. However, apparently Heiwa is so sure that the WTC was made of cheese that he wants to let as many people know as possible, even if it requires nominating himself for literary awards.
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