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Originally Posted by Childlike Empress View Post
It's always amusing to see how my threads attract the big wigs of the "9/11 debunking movement". Oh yeah, Brainster is missing, the guy who is the founder of that movement. He'll contribute, i'm sure. I only have to be patient.
Speak of the devil and he will appear. You give me too much credit, there. I'm not the founder of any debunking movement; in fact I believe that Gravy completed his original Loose Change guide a few weeks before James B and I opened up SLC. Mike Wilson of 9-11 Myths and Kate of Debunking 9-11 were around well before that. And of course going way back there was the guy who ran the McKinney Sucks blog who was debunking the nutbars back in 2003.

To the fence-sitters or guests on this forum: Wherever people like Jon Gold are mentioned on the net, you'll immediately encounter people like JamesB and Brainster who'll try to associate these people with "space beams", "no planes", "controlled demoliton" etc. Don't believe me, just follow the pattern.
Jon Gold does not generally bring up any of those elements of the conspiracy theory. He feels free to associate with those who do, like Hopsicker, with whom he shared billing with at Justin's little gathering. Note that he talks about his "Truth Tuesday" movie showings; among the movies shown were distinctly MIHOP films like Loose Change Final Cut. Sorry, he can't have it both ways. I'd have to listen to that Opie & Anthony appearance again, but I suspect he was pushing controlled demolition a few years ago, it's just recently that he's adopted this "9-11 Truth is not MIHOP or LIHOP, it's JAQing and air quality too."

If 9-11 conspiracy theories were just about the air quality, I'd let it go. Either the first responders will start dying in droves, the way Gold, Feal and Alex Jones claim, or they won't; it's a debate that will be settled in time and battled out in the annals of the New England Journal of Medicine.
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