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Sorry some apparently completely misunderstood my point. I was not directing and two letters to any body. But trying to make a point about finding offense. Especially in a sensitive topic.

I'll try this again:

To paraphrase both Marlow and Willard: I don't see any insult at all...

Of course yeah if you parse anything down to something you want to find offensive you will probably feel offended. Kind of like the bible code for insult. After all I did use certain letters that are sometimes considered colloquially offensive in certain cultures and in the order they appear. However is it really reasonable to ban letters from the language because some people might choose to find them offensive, even in a much larger paragraph with clearly intended different meaning?

The point does go back to the OP. Some will find using the steel for anything (land fill, weapon, new building, sold to China, etc.) other than a shrine, to be offensive. Others will find using it as a "weapon to fight terrorists" a just use of the steel, but they would be offended if it went to building a Mosque. When it comes to these appeals to emotion there is no way for a civil society to decide which appeal to emotion should bear more consideration. So the term steel is just steel is just a short form for: This steel should be used to make anything this steel can make. There should be no specific import to this steel. Just as we are not trying to preserve the air around the WTC. Though there has been plenty of appeal to emotion about the ground as well. That ground has seen a lot more horror in its billions of years than we did in our lifetime. It is not hallowed ground, it is just ground. Any emotion (like hallowed) placed on it is individual and arbitrary.

And my living abroad has given me a much different kettle in which to stew about 9/11, than my relatives living in Phoenix, Chicago and New York City. It is by no means empirical, but I do believe I see a notable difference in progress through the Kubler-Ross stages depending on proximity to the event.

To any who were offended by my comments, my sincere apology that you have felt slighted by my words. But much like hallowed ground, I can't make your mind decide what is and is not offensive, that is entirely up-to-you.
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