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Originally Posted by Ron_Tomkins View Post
Why has no one bothered to explain Sye that "The Impossibility of the Contrary" which seems to be his main "building block" argument is a very well known logicall fallacy by the name of "Either-Or Fallacy" which once is understood, can completely bring down whole structures of thinking that were considered rational up to that moment? That's what I'm wondering.
I'm wondering by what logical standard you call ANYTHING fallacious, how you account for that standard, and why that standard necessarily applies to my argument? Hardly makes sense to appeal to a universal, abstract, invariant standard of logic, which your worldview cannot account for.

Originally Posted by Ron_Tomkins View Post
These people waste too much time chit chatting nonsense that only makes things even more confusing.
Again, by what logical standard do you call ANYTHING 'nonsense,' how do you account for that standard, and why does that standard necessarily apply to my argument?

Originally Posted by Ron_Tomkins View Post
What people like Sye need is getting to know people such as Feynman and Dennet. People whose personality alone proves that you don't need to have a bunch of religious BS in your mind to be an intelligent, kind, inspired and creative individual who additionally to all that, explains things in a clear-as-pure-water concise way.
Problem is you have no absolute standard by which you can call ANYTHING 'intelligent,' or 'kind,' and cannot account for 'creativity,' or 'inspiration,' according to your worldview.


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