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IMO, this video once again shows that PffT and CIT, or at least their treefort staff, can't think for themselves, unless you serve it to them in video format. And when you do, it's so easy to manipulate them, as they will gobble up anything that even remotely supports their cosy fantasies. Still, contrary to their truth themesong, they will NOT seek the actual truth about the presentation, but go straight to internet forums to pwn people, arrogantly thinking that it actually supports their fantasies.

TC and Turbo, RADES data has been available for months and it shows the exact same North of Cthulhu poperties as this animation. Why didn't you complain then? Uhm, strike that - why didn't you declare pwnership then? A member of such expert research teams surely knows that the last radar return in RADES data puts the plane north of Navy Annex and north of the gas station. This yellow brownish line shows the last two RADES returns associated with AAL77 (as per original data by John Farmer's FOIA requests). Looks familiar?

Why is it such a wonder that an animation, which most likely uses the same data, would also show the plane further north? The "squarish" appearance of the turn manuever also suggests that the data, which was used in the animation, wasn't continous. RADES data itself was only collected every 12 seconds (IIRC - it has been a while). That's still too fine for the animation, but what if one takes the RADES data 1 minute apart? Here's what one gets, if one takes every fifth radar return. The squarish white line shows the result. (The yellow/green stuff if AAL77's flight path from the FDR, the smaller, more zig-zaggy line is one of the flight paths from the RADES data.)

That doesn't align rigth, except for the final trajectory. But, what if the software allows arbitrary input of turning points? Something like this?

In any case, the straight final approach towards the Navy Annex suggests, that no other radar return was used during the last stage of animation. As such, the animated plane passes just to the east of the Bailey's Crossing highrise complex and flies towards the last RADES return point, which just happens to be north of the gas station. And now we have treefort minions pwning us with their well researched truth. Oh noes, what shall we do now?

Hint: TC, the radius of the last turn in the animation is about 1km. That's about a 45 bank at 200KTS. That's about 75 bank at 400KTS. The animation plane eventually crashes into the Pantagon, so it doesn't have to exceed stall speed, while your flyover fantasy plane has to. You have your partially infallible witnesses speaking of high speed planes, but where are your 70 bank witnesses?

BTW, TC, what happened with the El Kournayti and Reyes part of the CIT flight path? Even this animation doesn't support it. What gives? Did the FAA/NORAD get it wrong or did your bosses?
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