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OK, just for grins I did a little analysis on the pics on Bro. Veall's images on his web page. On the first page he shows "altar" with the supposed writing on it; for those who are blind to his imagination, he shows another image on a "more..." page. The two are obviously extracted from the same image (first of all, no maps service is going to update some forgotten crag in the Andes very often, and for he second, all the snow patterns are identical). Now, Veall states at the bottom of the page that the images have been "lightly retouched to enhance definition for transmission over the Internet". Indeed. Unfortunately, the point of this all is in that "definition".

After rotating one image and then resizing it downward to match the other in resolution, here are the two images side by side:


The one on the left is the enhanced image on the second page. The enhancements include:
- touch up on the "letters" on the stone (apparently done in snow on the altar), particularly the first and third characters, but including all.
- all the surroundings except the altar are grayed out.
- the color on the altar is played up, particularly the green, which is only hinted at in the right image.
- the pic is stretched in the vertical direction about 12%, giving more room for the letters to be better depicted.

Now, NASA photo users enhance some of NASA's astronomical photographs (over and above the fact that many are false color images anyway) for more spectacular results in public consumption, but that's not really an attempt to deceive. This does appear to be. Why am I not surprised?

Shame on him for trying to con a poor country like Peru, anxious to get some tourist attention. Shame on them for believing him, if they bite.

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